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Every baby is going to need a bath and when a parent does this for the first time, it can be very scary. All sorts of things will be going through your mind and this can cause you more reason to worry than you really need to. It can also cause your baby to be nervous when you give them a bath for the first time. Remember that bath time is meant to be fun and both you and your baby should enjoy this time together.

Well when you bath your baby at first you won’t really need much but here are the few things that you will need. Some type of cloth so you can wipe your baby’s face, you will also need a towel or you can buy one’s these days that have a hood on them. We offer wide range of baby bathrobes, baby towel, washcloths you will need in order to bath your baby.


  • Baby Towel

    Baby Towel

    There is nothing worse then taking your baby out of a nice warm bath and trying to dry them off in a regular towel. It can be hard trying to keep a hold of the slippery tot while trying not to tangle their small bodies up in something that is way to big! Is what the newborn needs is something...

  • Baby Bathrobes

    Baby Bathrobes

    Since grown ups love robes it is not shocking when a baby reaches for their favorite bath robe. Each one is made from 100 percent cotton and is soft on the skin. If there is a chill in the air after climbing out of a warm bath the robe will have them warming up in no time. When things get spilled...

  • Baby Washcloths

    Baby Washcloths

    Baby washcloths are not only handy for bathing but, are great for washing their face when they burp up. Not just any washcloth is able to handle the delicate task at hand. The material needs to be soft and not abrasive with lots of fluffiness. The point of all the softness is because the babies...

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