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Baby washcloths are not only handy for bathing but, are great for washing their face when they burp up. Not just any washcloth is able to handle the delicate task at hand. The material needs to be soft and not abrasive with lots of fluffiness. The point of all the softness is because the babies skin is fragile and it needs to stay smooth and not scratched up. It will still wipe away any dead cells so the new ones can breathe and grow.

It will seem like you just got the baby dressed and all of a sudden they have a huge accident. Yea a few wipes will pretty much clean them up but, for having the fresh clean smell another bath will be needed. Apply some liquid, which has antiseptic mixed in, on the washcloth. Now you can get into the cracks and in between the rolls with ease. There is nothing better then a fresh smelling baby ready to greet the world!

No matter what sex your little one is there are washcloths for them. There are different shades of blue for a boy and shades of pink for a little girl. Some have stripes while others are one solid color. There are even some with polka dots, circles, and squares on them. Step outside the box and grab one with a yellow duck or green frog on it. No matter what color, design, or lovely creature you desire there will be a washcloth that screams, “Look at me”. If purchasing each one separately the expense can add up rather quickly. So save a few bucks and purchase in bulk so you will always have plenty on hand no matter what the occasion might be.

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