Baby Bathrobes(There are 2 products.)

Since grown ups love robes it is not shocking when a baby reaches for their favorite bath robe. Each one is made from 100 percent cotton and is soft on the skin. If there is a chill in the air after climbing out of a warm bath the robe will have them warming up in no time. When things get spilled down the front just tosses it in the washer with the rest of the clothes so it is nice and clean again.

Bath robes are pretty much split up into three categories. Different shades of blue will have any boy doing flips of joy. Shades of pink will leave your little girl shrieking with delight. For those that just want a neutral color there are white and beige robes. There may not be any pockets for hiding things in but, there is the option of adding hoods. Most of the robes have little bears, flowers, or even polka dots on them. While others are plain with a darker stitching around the seams and even come with little booties.

There are many different benefits from your child wrapping up in a robe. It can keep them warm when climbing out of the water after a warm bath. The child will quickly learn that one should cover up when running around the home in case someone comes over. When feeling ill it is easier to wrap up in the garment then drag a blanket all over the house. A robe with a hood will also help protect the child when out by the pool. The garment gives them something soft to wrap up in when heading back to the car while keeping the harmful rays off their delicate skin and head!

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