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There is nothing worse then taking your baby out of a nice warm bath and trying to dry them off in a regular towel. It can be hard trying to keep a hold of the slippery tot while trying not to tangle their small bodies up in something that is way to big! Is what the newborn needs is something that is made just for their size. That is why there are hooded baby towels. These are so amazing that they can also be used if you are taking the little one for a dip in the pool. Each one folds up nice and neat so there will be stressing over needing a whole closet for stacking the pile up in.

There is a wide variety to pick from when stocking up on baby towels. Considering how quickly you will be going through them there should be a nice stack on hand of clean ones at all times. Each one is soft and easily sucks up all the water off the body. The hoods come in handy for keeping the head protected from any cool drafts that can be breezing around the room. We offer a discount when purchasing in bulk, so you can get all the pretty colors with the eye popping designs on the hoods.

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