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So you want to carry your baby in a way that enables you to be close to each other. Well the Baby Ring Sling will enable you to do this and also allow you to have a closeness to your baby that you may otherwise not have. The baby ring sling is very safe and is not difficult to use. These pieces of cloth use tension and a ring, which can either be metal or nylon. The way in which this item is worn is by wrapping it around the body. It actually goes from the shoulder to the hip which is opposite to it and then it goes round your back and to the shoulder again, the end of the material is then put through the ring and this acts like a buckle. The pocket that this creates is where the baby can lie or will sit. Once you have created the sling to hold your baby, you can take it off and put it back on again without having to rethread it each time.

You may think to yourself that this will not work and how will it hold your baby safely? Well, it does. The way in which it works is that you put the baby into the pocket and because of its weight it creates tension on the fabric, this plus the material and the ring all together combined create a safe place for your baby. The great thing about this piece of fabric is that anyone of any shape or size can wear it and still know that their baby is safe. You can also have it in different positions as well, the baby and the wearer help each other in making this item safe, once the wearer has the item on they support the baby’s weight and with their other hand pull the material until it is tight enough.

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